New Pathways: Communications and Fundraising

Just a quick post today to log some of my thoughts and organize a couple of new opportunities that emerged today at Promundo. I attended a meeting with several of the Promundo team about upcoming grant opportunities from a variety of funding sources, mainly private agencies or organizations. Many different projects were discussed at the meeting: a research initiative on how fatherhood and caregiving impacts early childhood development indicators, a research initiative on young boys and girls whose lives have been impacted by gun violence, and a documentary that would follow the lives of several individuals whose parents had been killed by police. Various agencies give funding to different types of projects, and the meeting was organized to discuss the various deadlines, monetary amounts, and project guidelines stipulated in each funding opportunity. Additionally, we discussed options for other types of fundraising, such as charitable giving: one of the team members proposed adding a donation button to Promundo’s website, explaining that charitable giving had vastly increased in prominence in Brazil over the last 3 years, and perhaps this could be a viable source of funding in the future.

As I am interested in the fundraising process, I thought it would be a good time to get involved and learn more about how fundraising works in an NGO like Promundo. I will be meeting with Vicky tomorrow further discuss the possibility of aiding in the grant writing or assisting in other forms of fundraising. Although this has never been an area of work that appealed to me, I think it will be a beneficial skill to cultivate, possibly for future work when I am back in the US. Obviously the LINEA research will be the bulk of my work with Promundo, but in the case I have extra hours or Promundo needs the help, I could get involved in this area.

Furthermore, I talked to Mohara, who is in charge of Promundo’s communications, about the possibility of contributing to the NGO’s social media profile and other types of publicity-related jobs. Since I have a camera and a moderate background in social media use, I think I could be a useful asset to the NGO in these areas. We are having a meeting on Monday to discuss which aspects of communications I could become involved, whether it is taking photographs at various events or doing translation work for the team. I need to brainstorm ideas for how to improve the current social media presence of Promundo and other pathways to promote the NGO.

In the meantime, I continue to work on my annotated bibliography and do some translation work with the LINEA project proposal and interviews. That’s all for now!


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